Aphids (Blackfly)

Aphids (Blackfly).
  • Family:                                           Aphididae.
  • Blackfly are a relative newcomer to my vegetable garden, but for the past 2 years they have made a nuisance of themselves on my alliums.
  • Last year they attacked my onions, leeks and garlic.  I used a hose to wash them off my leeks and garlick, but they attacked my onions while they were very small and they didn't recover.
  • I have just planted a couple of rows of garlic, and I have given them a thorough drenching with aerated compost tea.  I don't know how effective this will be, but if it fails I will use Eco-oil to control them.
Why Blackfly are a Pest.
  • They have only attacked alliums so far in my garden, but I will be watching all my edible plants for early signs this year so I can control them before they become a significant problem.
Pest Control.
  • You can use a jet of water to clear them off your effected plants, but unlike greenfly, some of them seem to be able to climb up onto the plant again.  Repeated applications seemed to eventually remove them for good.
  • Eco-oil or a home made organic soap solution will kill aphids by smouthering them.
  • I am hoping foliar spraying with aerated compost tea will boost my allium's resistance enough to deter the blackfly this year.  The presence of fungi microbes in the tea could provide a biological contol.
  • Whatever spray you decide to use make sure you spray all the leaves and stems including the underside of the leaves.