Aphids (Greenfly)

Aphids (Greenfly).
  • Binomial Name:                            Macrosiphum Rosae.
  • Family:                                           Aphididae.
  • Aphids are normally dormant in winter, but occasionally I will come across a cluster of them after a spell of warmer weather.
  • They are easy to remove if you are vigilant and don't let them get a foothold.  Just wash them off the flower buds or new shoots they are feeding on with a jet of water from the tap.
  • I have never really found them to be a nuisance because they are so easy to remove.
Why Greenfly are a Pest.
  • In my garden, I usually find them on new buds on roses in early spring.  If left they will munch their way through the new buds and shoots and deform the flowers.
Pest Control.
  • I usually just rub them out when I find them with my fingers, but if there are lots of them, I remove them with a jet of tap water.  They seem unable to regain their place on the buds and shoots of my roses and (I guess) starve to death where they land.
  • I spray my roses with aerated compost tea every month, and I am sure this increases the plants resistance to aphids, but I still get some on the new shoots in between sprays.