March 2017

My new monthly blog "Sustainable Organic Gardening" is a gateway to the pages of my (10) older blogs.  The data contained in these pages deals with different aspects of my gardening story.


The new blog's pages are summaries of the same topics, but they contain embedded links which go to the original blog pages for more detail.


In future, the pages in the older blogs will be updated regularly, but I will not be posting to the blogs themselves.


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John Ashworth .....23rd March 2017.


October 2016

What a beautiful flower, but what a pity its a weed.  Oxalis pes-caprae or wood sorrel is another Australian introduced species which became a weed and this year is growing widespread in the parks and gardens of Melbourne in places its not supposed to be.


January 2015.

The bore hole of a codling moth, I should have left the frass on to show, but there's no mistaking it.  The apple was disposed of in a sealed bag in the garbage.

This year I followed my own instructions with a thorough winter clean up of the ground around each tree, and applied several bands of horticultural glue to the tree trunk above the graft line.  I sprayed with lime sulphur at bud swell, and regularly sprayed the foliage with aerated compost tea through the growing season.  The results have been outstanding and the fruit is clean and undamaged so far.


October 2014.

An adventurous snail tries to cross the copper barrier into an Ecobed full of luxuriant green vegies.  After a couple of tries he dropped off and slid away to wreak havoc elsewhere.

This is the first time I have actually seen the copper tape snail barrier in action and although I knew it worked well (no snails in the Ecobeds), seeing is believing.  The tape has been in place for 18 months and is certainly weathering,  but it is clearly still fully effective.